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Quotes About Literature

116 Most Amazing Quotes About Literature

It is one of the paradoxes of American literature that our writers are forever looking back with love and nostalgia at lives they couldn’t wait to leave.

Anatole Broyard

Quotes on Ambition

Favourite Quotes On Ambition

What is ambition? It is an act of wanting to achieve success, wealth or to reach a specific goal in life.

Moving On and Getting Over it quotes

Quotes To Keep You Moving On

Did it ever happen to you that you kept on clinging on to a memory so badly that it kind of hurts?

A Collection of Quotes About Abundance

Abundance is present in our lives, and in all forms.  From economics to information to the well-being,

Quotes about online marketing

Twenty Online Marketing Quotes from Modern-Day Marketers

Online marketing is about using web-based channels to promote a company’s message, brand, products or services to customers.

Beautiful Life Quotes

Precious Quotes About Life

Are you looking for quotes which will help you make sense of life, or are you on the quest

Short Quotes You Can Tweet

365 Short Quotes You Can Tweet For Any Occasion

Many People start their day fresh by pondering over words which have marked their life

quotes about mathematics

Beautiful and Famous Mathematics Quotes

Mathematics has been used since the early dawn of humanity. Over the course of the centuries, mathematics has evolved from simple

Digital Transformation Best Quotes

The Best Quotes on Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is nowadays on the agenda in the private and public sector. Companies are looking for ways

best quotes about libraries

The Most Inspirational Quotes About Libraries

In the age of Wikipedia, Google and the digitization of books, many have written off the library as a hub of knowledge and information.

Best Istanbul Quotations

Top 10 Quotes About Istanbul

Istanbul formerly known as Constantinople and Byzantiumis is the largest city and seaport of Turkey. Throughout history,

New York Quotes Collection

Inspirational Quotes About New York

Who does not know this line from Alicia Key’s Song: New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of, These streets will make you feel brand new…

A Complete Collection of Friendship Quotes

To many of us, the meaning of life could be resumed by one word: Friendship. What is friendship and why do we need friends

Best Quotes About Forgivess

Virtues of Forgiveness Explained Through Quotes

Forgiveness can be illustrated as letting go of any wrongs that others may have done to us. There is usually a temptation for one to hold on to grudge

108 Best Quotes About Wisdom

Wisdom? What is it? How does it define us as persons? Over the centuries, it has been used to denote various characteristics. Wisdom

Quotes About Criticism

Interesting Quotes About Criticism

All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.

199 of the funniest quotes ever

199 Of The Funniest Quotes Ever

Are you looking for funny quotes to bring some laughter to you or to your surroundings? Go through our funny quotes from Mark Twain to Al Gore

20 Top Funny Life Quotes

Top 20 Funny Quotes About Life

How do you respond to a big talker, or to a Mr or Mrs who-know-all? Do you go to the point of turning yourself into a fool by responding

The Importance of Romance Through Quotes

Romance is defined as the expressive and pleasurable feeling which arises from an emotional attachment or attraction towards another person.

112 Love Quotes For Him & Her

112 Love Quotes For Him & Her

Love at the lips was touch, As sweet as I could bear; And once that seemed too much; I lived on air.

150 Short Men Quotes

150 Short Quotes About Men

Various thinkers from the Poet Alexander Pope to Aristotle to Plato have studied man, his behaviour, his social environment.

92 Short Love Quotes (In Less Than 100 Characters)

What is love? To some it is a great beautifier, to others it is a gift of oneself. Love means different things

Patriotism Quotes

Quotes About Patriotism

The notion of patriotism has been written and analysed in various cultural books, novels and articles. On one hand, patriotism is used to refer

Twenty Quotes to Celebrate International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March. It is marked as the day where we all celebrate women’s accomplishments

Poetry Quotes

Sixty-Two Beautiful Quotes About Poetry

Poetry as an art form predates literacy, and it is often closely related to musical and storytelling traditions.

women's empowerment quotes

Eighty-Six Quotes About Women’s Empowerment

Women’s empowerment means that women have the ability and right to fully participate economically,

Top Quotations About Work

“Work is worship” – Anonymous.

As it has been righteously said, work surely is a form of worship. Every person on this earth is working towards their own set of goals.

Top Collection of Quotes About Experience

Experience is the driver of our knowledge. It defines us, shapes our personality and forms our opinions.

5 Uplifting Quotes in Difficult Moments

You’re probably dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety at this moment if you feel like you’ve never really had such a bad patch during your entire life

Five Short Quotes About Smile

A smile is a universal expression, which we all possess. It is a privilege in life to be able to smile. A smile makes everything seem and look better.

Top Valentine’s Day Quotes

Today, February 14, many people around the world will be celebrating this day together with their loved ones. Many usually will celebrate with lots of kisses

quotes about graduation

Inspirational Graduation Quotes

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, graduation refers to finishing a degree or other course of study at a university or school,

Famous Success Quotes

Often in life, we tend to concentrate on things, we cannot do rather than on things we can do. This invariably leaves us

Quotes About Happiness

Happiness can simply be described as a situation where one feels contented and the experience after that is very satisfying.

Good Morning QUotes

Inspirational Quotes About Morning

Morning defined as the first part or period of the day, extending from dawn, or from midnight, to noon has inspired many writers

5 Important Quotations about Change

Change could cause a lot of discomfort into the life of an individual. It could be associated with relocation to a distant country or perhaps connected with a new job description.

20 Great Quotes About Life

Does it ever happen that you ask questions such as What am I here for or where am I going, What does my future look like? Looking for meanings of life is something normal

Best Quotes About London

Ten Beautiful Quotes About London

London… the center of the world in the colonial and postcolonal times, the financial center in the new globalised era and the multicultural city

Top Travel Quotes

Quotes: Exploring the wonders of the world Through Travel

Travelling is a very important decision in opening the heart and mind to the world since there are lots of things to be seen and experienced

Quotes about Paris

Top Quotes About Paris, The City of Light

Paris the Capital of France has almost 11 million persons and is considered as one of Europe’s largest metropolitan areas.

How to Motivate Yourself

A Collection of Quotes To Motivate Yourself

Every now and then, you will find your drive being affected probably by negative thoughts, fear or even anxiety among other things.