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January 14

I’ve been absolutely terrified every moment of my life – and I’ve never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.

Georgia O’Keeffe

January 13

Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.

Khalil Gibran

January 12

Life is a pure flame and we live by an invisible sun within us.

Thomas Browne

January 11

nicholas sparks quote n cannot live your life for other people

You can’t live your life for other people. You’ve got to do what’s right for you, even if it hurts some people you love.

Nicholas Sparks

January 10

paulo coelho quote on life sets a challenge

When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change.

Paulo Coelho

January 9

Madeleine L'Engle quote on write a book

You have to write the book that wants to be written. And if the book will be too difficult for grown-ups, then you write it for children.

Madeleine L’Engle

January 8

Eric Hoffer quote on passionate hatred

Passionate hatred can give meaning and purpose to an empty life.

Eric Hoffer

January 7

Albert Einstein quote on life a happy life

If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.

Albert Einstein

January 6

nehru quote on life is like a game

Life is like a game of cards. The hand you are dealt is determinism; the way you play it is free will.

Jawaharla Nehru

January 5

cyril connolly quote on Life is a maze

Life is a maze in which we take the wrong turning before we have learned to walk.

Cyril Connolly

January 4

george eliot on There is only one failure in life possible

There is only one failure in life possible, and that is not to be true to the best one knows.

George Eliot

January 3

Charles Darwin Quote on A Man Who Dares

A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.

Charles Darwin

January 2

Charlotte Bronte Quote on Life is so constructed

Life is so constructed, that the event does not, cannot, will not, match the expectation.

Charlotte Bronte

January 1

Van Buren Quote on Experience

If we could sell our experiences for what they cost us, we’d all be millionaires.

Abigail Van Buren

Today In History

 People Born on This Day
1387Charles The Angry One, king of Navarra (1349-87).
1431Pope Alexander VI (d. 1503)
1431Alexander VI [Rodrigo Borgia] Spanish/Italian pope (1492-1503).
1449Lorenzo de Medici, Italian statesman (d. 1492)
1467Sigismund I the old, king of Poland.
1484Huldrych Zwingli, Swiss Protestant leader (d. 1531)
1504Caspar Cruciger German church reformer.
1516Margareta Leijonhufvud, queen of Gustav I of Sweden (d. 1551)
1557Stephen Bocskay, Prince of Transylvania (d. 1606)
1600Friedrich Spanheim, Dutch theologian (d. 1649)
1614John Wilkins, English Bishop of Chester (d. 1672)
1618BartolomT Esteban Murillo Spain, Baroque artist [baptized].
1622Isaac Sweers Dutch Admiral/General/Civil rights activist.
1628Christoph Bernhard German composer.
1638Emperor Go-Sai of Japan (d. 1685)
1638Antoinette du Ligier de la Guard Deshoulieres French poet/playwright.
1648Elkanah Settle, English writer (d. 1724)
1652Johann Krieger composer.
1655Christian Thomasius, German jurist (d. 1728)
1684Arnold Drakenborch, Dutch classical scholar (d. 1748)
1697Johann Pfeiffer composer.
1704Soame Jenyns, English writer (d. 1787)
1709Johann H H Bntz German/Dutch organ builder.
1711Franz Freiherr von der Trenck, Austrian soldier (d. 1749)
1714Kristijonas Donelaitis Lutheran pastor, Lithuanian poet (The Seas).
1723Christian Friedrich Gregor composer.
1729Edmund Burke British author/famous Whig (Philosophy and Inquiry, Reflections on the Revolution).
1734John F E Acton cruel premier of Naples.
1735Paul Revere in Boston, Massachusetts; silversmith, engraver, patriot ("the British are coming").
1748Giovanni Furno composer.
1750Frederick Muhlenberg, 1st Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (d. 1801)
1752Betsy Ross, American seamstress (d. 1836)
1752Elizabeth Griscom (Betsy) Ross; seamstress, flag maker (dies 1836).
1764John Kinker Dutch linguist/philosopher/poet (Minderjarige Zangster).
1777Micah Hawkins composer.
1784William Beale composer.
1792Henrik A Bjerregaard Norwegian writer/poet (S∞nner af Norge).
1809John Pieter Heije Dutch physician/writer/poet (Silver Fleet).
1815Charles Renouvier French philosopher (neocriticism).
1817Martin H Klaproth Germany, chemist.
1819Arthur Hugh Clough poet, friend of Matthew Arnold.
1819Philip Schaff in Chur, Switzerland; early proponent of Protestant/Catholic ecumenicism.
1819George Foster Shepley Brigadier General (Union volunteers), died in 1878.
1823Sándor Petőfi, Hungarian poet and revolutionary (d. 1849)
1831William Joseph Westbrook composer.
1833Robert Lawson, New Zealand architect (d. 1902)
1834Ludovic HalTvy Paris France; actor (Carmen).
1838William Hugh Young Brigadier General (Confederate Army), died in 1901.
1839Maria Louise RamT "Ouida" Bury St. Edmunds Suffolk England, screenwriter (A Dog of Flanders, The Little Dutch Girl).
1843Nikolay Nikolayevich Lodizhensky composer.
1848John Goff, Irish lawyer
1853Hans Koessler composer.
1854Sir James Frazer Britain, anthropologist/author (The Golden Bough).
1860George Washington Carver, American educator, inventor, and botanist (d. 1943)
1861Isaac Murphy thoroughbred jockey, 628 wins on 1,412 mounts (44.5 percent).
1861William Morris Boston Massachusetts; actor (Brothers, The Roadhouse Murder).
1862Snitz Edwards Hungary; actor (College, Phantom of the Opera).
1863Pierre de Coubertin, French initiator of the modern Olympic Games (d. 1937)
1863Aleko Konstantinov Bulgarian writer (To Chicago and Back).
1863Baron Pierre de Coubertin France; reviver of the Olympic games.
1864Alfred Stieglitz US photographer-father of modern photography/art dealer (Camera Work).
1865Giuseppe Ferrata composer.
1866[Lars] Peter Elfelt [Petersen] Denmark, director (Henrettelsen).
1867Charles Edward Montague English author/critic (Fiery Particles).
1867Lew Fields New York City, New York, comedian/actor (of Weber and Fields, 23-Skidoo).
1868Snitz Edwards, American actor (d. 1937)
1869Louis de la VallTe-Poussin Belgian indologist.
1873Mariano Azuela Mexico, novelist (The Flies, The Bosses).
1873Willis Robards Texas; actor/director (Mothers of Men, Every Woman's Problem).
1874Gustave Whitehead, German-born inventor (d. 1927)
1874Frank Knox, Former Secretary of the Navy and vice presidential candidate (d. 1944)
1874Hugo Leichtentritt composer.
1875Charles Rist French economist.
1875N F Druce cricket player (5 Tests for England versus Australia 1897-98).
1876Harriet Brooks, Canadian physicist (d. 1933)
1876Johan C Altorf sculptor (October third monument).
1878Edwin Franko Goldman composer.
1879E. M. Forster, English novelist (d. 1970)
1879Edward Dillon New York City, New York; actor/director (Young Ironsides, The Golden West).
1879Emile Argand Swiss geologist (Dekbladen Theory).
1879Paul Porcasi Palermo Sicily Itlay; actor (Say It Again, I'll Remember April).
1879William Fox Tulchva Hungary, US film pioneer (Nickelodeon).
1879Ernest Jones British psychoanalyst (Life and Work of Sigmund Freud).
1880Edie Martin London England, actress (Titfield Thunderbolt).
1880Shalom Asch Poland, yiddish writer (Motke Ganev).
1881Vajiravudh, King of Thailand (d. 1925)
1881Richard Kean England; actor (Story of Will Rogers, Ten Commandments).
1881Carry van Bridges [de Haan], Dutch author (Heleen, Eva).
1882W C Wendelaar mayor of Alkmaar (1919-34)/Dutch Member of Parliament (VVD).
1883Gabrielle Chanel, French Designer (d. 1971)
1883Federigo Tozzi Italian writer/journalist (La Torre, Tre Croci).
1883Heiko E Arnoldi Dutch actor (3 Drops of Water)/theater director.
1884George W Meyer Boston Massachusetts, composer/lyricist (Bells of St. Mary's, Broadway Babies).
1885Lawrence Alfred Bowes Newark California; actor (Big Town Ideas).
1885Winifred Greenwood Geneseo New York, actress (Don't Call Me Little Girl, Love Never Dies).
1885Roland Diggle composer.
1886William Edmunds Italy; actor (Lost Moment, Big Sombrero).
1886Willard Robertson Runnels Texas; actor (Deep Valley, Fury at Furnace Creek).
1887Wilhelm Canaris in Aplerbeck, Germany; admiral, head of German military intelligence.
1888Ludwig Rex Berlin Germany; actor (Der Mensch am Wege).
1888Chesley Bonestell San Francisco California, special effects/actor/writer (Swiss Family Robinson, War of the Worlds).
1888Joseph Marievsky Russia; actor (Three Godfathers).
1889Tom Dugan Dublin Ireland; actor (Circus Clown, Drag, Skyway).
1889Tadeusz Jarecki composer.
1889Alexander Smallens Saint Petersburg, Russia, conductor.
1890Anton Melik, Slovenian geographer (d. 1966)
1890Wanda Capodaglio Asti Italy, actress (La Donna Nuda, Gelosia).
1890Lawford Davidson London England; actor (Love Doctor, Vagabond King).
1890Florence Lawrence Hamilton Ontario, silent screen actress (Confidence).
1891Alessandro De Stefani Cividale del Friuli Italy, writer (La Signorina, Africa sotto i mari).
1891Frank Pettingell Liverpool England; actor (Gaslight, Goose Steps Out).
1892Artur Rodzinski, Croatian conductor (d. 1958)
1892Manuel Roxas y Acuna; first President of Philippines.
1892Lillian Lorraine San Francisco California, actress (Lonesome Corners, Should a Wife Forgive?).
1892Artur Rodzinski Spalato Dalmatia Poland, conductor/composer.
1892Miklos Radnai composer.
1893Frank Badgley Ottowa Canada; actor (Man From Glengarry).
1893Jay Rescher Bayonne New Jersey, cinematographer (Girl of the Sea, Straight To Heaven).
1894Satyendra Nath Bose, Indian mathematician (d. 1974)
1894Ivfln Petrovich Novi Sad Serbia; actor (Magician, Garden of Allah).
1895Alice Tissot Paris France, actress (Tambour battant, Jamais deux sans trois).
1895Rafael Martinez Zaragoza Spain, composer (Nuestra Natacha, Ana Mar?a).
1895Nathaniel Shilkret New York City, New York, conductor.
1895J. Edgar Hoover in Washington DC; Director of US Fedreal Bureau of Investigation (dies 1972).
1896Maurice Jacobson composer.
1896Teinosuke KinugasaMie Ken Japan, writer/director (Jujiro, Jigoku-mon).
1896Yitzhak Edel composer.
1897Al Martin screenwriter (Blondie Knows Best).
1898George van Derton Belgian racer (won 500 race).
1898Viktor Ullmann opera composer (Der Kaiser von Atlantis).
1899Juozas Tallat-Kelpsa composer.
1899Lev V Kuleshov Tambov Russia, director/theorist (Po Zakonu).
1899Raymond Loucheur composer.
1900Chiune Sugihara, Japanese diplomat who saved thousands of Jews during the World War II (d. 1986)
1900Xavier Cugat, Catalan-born musician, bandleader (d. 1990)
1900Lillian Rich Herne Hill London England, actress (One Wonderful Night, Never Say Die).
1900William Haines Staunton Virginia; actor (Fast Life, Little Annie Rooney).
1900Xavier Cugat [Francisco de As?s Javier Cugat Mingall de Brue y Deulofeo] in Tirona, Catalonia, Spain; bandleader ("Perfidia") (married Abbe Lane, Charo) (dies 1990).
1900Paola Borboni Parma Italy, actress (La Cage aux folles II, Cicciabomba).
1900Hubert van Doorne Dutch auto manufacturer (DAF).
1900Erwin S. Gelsey New York City, New York, screenwriter (Cover Girl, Touchdown Army).
1901Christine Wittewaall van Stoetwegen Dutch Member of Parliament (CDD).
1902Buster Nupen, South African cricketer (d. 1977)
1902Dimiter Nenov composer.
1902Buster Nupen cricket player (1-eyed South African quick, great on matting).
1902Aldo Graziati Scorze Italy, cinematographer (Othello, Indiscretion, The Wayward Wife).
1904Fazal Ilahi Chaudhry, Pakistani politician (d. 1982)
1905Melvin Price (Representative-Democrat-Illinois, 1945-).
1906Giovanni D'Anzi, Italian songwriter (d. 1974)
1906Frank Stack Canada, speed skater (Olympics-bronze-1932).
1906Louis W. Parker; inventor of the intercarrier sound system for television sets, the modern basis for coordinating sound and picture.
1907Erich Schmid composer.
1908Kinue Hitoma Japan, 800m runner (Olympics-silver-1928).
1909Dana Andrews, American actor (d. 1992)
1909Barry M. Goldwater, U.S. Senator from Arizona and Presidential candidate (d. 1998)
1909D D Hindlekar cricket player (Indian batsman and wicket-keeper 1936-46).
1909Barry Goldwater; American politician (Senator-Republican-Arizona, 1953-65, 1969- / Presidential candidate (Republican) 1964).
1910Russ Bender actor/writer (Amazing Colossal Man, Space Monster).
1911Hank Greenberg, baseball player (d. 1986)
1911Hammerin' Hank Greenberg Hall-of-Fame first baseman (Detroit Tiger).
1911Endre Szervanszky composer.
1912Kim Philby, British spy (d. 1988)
1912Victor Reuther Wheeling West Virginia, labor leader.
1912Kim Philby British spy/Soviet mole.
1913Eliot Janeway financial writer (Economics of Chaos).
1915Lewis Bingham Keeble town planner.
1917Albert Mol, Dutch actor (d. 2004)
1917Jule Gregory Charney, meteorologist (d. 1981)
1918Patrick Anthony Porteous, Scottish recipient of the Victoria Cross (d. 2000)
1918Willy den Ouden Dutch swimmer, (world record 100m, 1:04.06).
1919Jerome David Salinger in New York City, New York, USA; novelist (Catcher in the Rye).
1919Carole Landis Fairchild Wisconsin, actress (One Million BC, Topper Returns).
1919Bernard Drukker Dutch organist/pianist/orchestra leader (Devil's Wheel).
1920Virgilio Savona, Italian singer and songwriter (Quartetto Cetra)
1920Elisabeth Andersen [Anna de Bruyn], Dutch actress (Yerma, Titania).
1920Roger Peacock writer.
1921Isma'il Raji' al-Faruqi, Palestinian-born philosopher and comparative religion scholar (d. 1986)
1921Alain Mimoun O'Kacha Algerian/French world cross-country champion (Olympics-gold-1956).
1922Rocky Graziano, American boxer (d. 1990)
1922Ernest F Hollings (Senator-Democrat-South Carolina, 1966-).
1923Milton Jackson in the USA; vibraphonist (Milt of Bags).
1925Stymie Beard, American actor (d. 1981)
1925George Conner; NFL tackle, linebacker (Chicago Bears).
1927Vernon L. Smith, American economist, recipient of the Bank of Sweden Prize
1927Doak Walker, American football star (d. 1998)
1928Ernest Tidyman, American writer (d. 1984)
1928Khan Mohammad; cricket player (Pakistan fast-med bowler, 54 wickets in 13 Tests).
1930Gaafar Muhammad Nimeiry; Premier/President (Sudan).
1933Joe Orton, English writer (d. 1967)
1933Frederick Lowy, Canadian medical educator, ethicist, and university president
1933James A Abrahamson; US Air Force/astronaut.
1936Willye B White; American long jumper (Olympics-silver-1956).
1938Robert Jankel, British coachbuilder (d. 2005)
1938Bill Emerson; American politician (Representative-Republican-Missouri, 1981-).
1940Frank Langella American actor
1940Jack Kiefer in Columbia, Pennsylvania, USA; PGA golfer (1994 Ralphs Senior Classic).
1942Gennadi Sarafanov, cosmonaut
1942Country Joe McDonald, American musician (Country Joe and the Fish)
1942Martin Frost; American politician (Representative-Democrat-Texas, 1971-).
1942Country Joe McDonald in California, USA; rock guitarist/vocalist (Country Joe and the Fish).
1942Gennadi Vassilyevich Sarafanov in USSR; cosmonaut (Soyuz 15).
1943Don Novello, American actor, comedian, and writer
1943Jerilyn Britz in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; LPGA golfer (1979 US Women's Open).
1944Charlie Davis; cricket player (West Indies batsman in 15 Tests 1968-73).
1945Jacky Ickx, Belgian race car driver
1945Jacques Ickx in Belgium; Le Mans auto race (six-time winner).
1946Rivelino, Brazilian football player
1946Manfred Stengl in Austria; two man lugist (Olympics-gold-1960).
1947Jon Corzine, American politician
1947Paula Tsui, cantopop singer
1947Peter Lankhorst; Dutch Member of Parliament (PPR).
1947Vladimir Georgiyevich Titov in Russia; cosmonaut (Soyuz T-8, TM-4, STS 63).
1947Alexei Ivanovich Bobrov in Russia; cosmonaut.
1947Gary "BB" Coleman; blues vocal/guitarist/producer.
1948Pavel Grachev, Russian general
1949Nikolai Tikhonovich Moskalenko in Russia; cosmonaut.
1950Steve Ripley; country singer (The Tractors).
1950Morgan Fisher; rock keyboardist (British Lions).
1951Ashfaq Hussain, Urdu poet
1953Greg Carmichael, British guitarist
1953Alpha Blondy [Seydou Kone] in the Ivory Coast; reggae singer (Jerusalem).
1954Robert Menendez, American politician
1955Michael James Sullivan in Gary, Indiana, USA; PGA golfer (1980 Southern Open).
1956Mark R. Hughes, an American enterpeneur and a fouder of Herbalife (d. 2000)
1956Sergei Vasiliyevich Avdeyev; Russian cosmonaut (Soyuz TM-15, SK TM-28).
1956Anatoli Borisovich Polonsky in Russia; Lieutenant-Colonel/cosmonaut.
1958Grandmaster Flash, Barbados-born musician
1958Joseph "Grandmaster Flash" Saddler in New York City, New York, USA; rocker (Message).
1959Azali Assoumani, Comorese president
1959Abdul Ahad Mohmand in Afghanistan; cosmonaut (Soyuz TM-6).
1960Adelaide Ferreira, Portuguese singer
1961Mark Wingett, British actor
1961Irv Eatman; NFL tackle (Houston Oilers).
1962Ravshanbek Aliyev Kirgiz; cosmonaut.
1963Lance Smith; NFL guard (New York Giants).
1963Glenn Trimble; cricket player (son of Sam Two ODI's for Australia 1986).
1964Dedee Pfeiffer, American actress
1965Mark Dewey; US baseball player (Pittsburgh Pirates).
1965Harry Galbreath; NFL guard (Green Bay Packers).
1965Andrew O Valmon in Brooklyn, New York, USA; 400m runner.
1966Anna Burke, Australian politician
1966Embeth Davidtz, American actress
1966Mika Nieminen in Tampere, Finland; hockey forward (Team Finland, Olympics-bronze-1998).
1967Derrick Thomas, American football player (d. 2000)
1967Derrick Thomas; NFL linebacker (Kansas City Chiefs).
1967Andy Heck; NFL tackle (Seattle Seahawks, Chicago Bears).
1968Davor Šuker, Croatian footballer
1968John de Visser; soccer player (SC Heerenveen).
1968Sandy Beasley in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada; softball outfielder (Olympics-1996).
1969Verne Troyer, American actor
1969Nate Dogg, American rapper
1969Reemt Pyka in Bremerhaven, Germany; hockey forward (Team Germany).
1970Gabriel Jarret, American actor
1970Brian Morton in Wollongong, Australia; canoeist (Olympics-1996).
1970Tom Sier; soccer player (SC Heerenveen).
1970Vadim Glovatskiy; hockey defenseman (Team Kazakhstan Olympics-1998).
1971Paul Luscher, singer/songwriter
1971Beno Bryant; WLAF running back (Amsterdam Admirals).
1971Kevin Mitchell; NFL linebacker (San Francisco 49ers).
1971Bobby Holik in Jihlava, Czechoslavakia; NHL left wing (New Jersey Devils, Team Czech Republic).
1971Bridget Pettis; WNBA guard (Phoenix Mercury).
1971Kevin Lee; NFL wide receiver (New England Patriots).
1972Neve McIntosh, Scottish actress
1972Ivan Droppa; hockey defenseman (Team Slovakia 1998).
1972Barron Miles; NFL defensive back (Pittsburgh Steelers)/WLAF corner (Frankfurt).
1973Justin Armour; NFL wide receiver (Buffalo Bills).
1973Fang Li in Hunan, China; tennis star (1991 Futures-Bilbao-ESP).
1973Clyde Wijnhard; soccer player (Ajax, RKC).
1973Mercury Hayes; wide receiver (Atlanta Falcons).
1974Johnie Church; NFL defensive end (Seattle Seahawks).
1975Robert Westerholt, Dutch guitarist (Within Temptation)
1975Joe Cannon, American soccer player
1975Chris Anstey; NBA center (Dallas Mavericks).
1975Becky Kellar; ice hockey defenseman (Canada, Olympics-1998).
1978Jared Fogle, American personality
1978Nina Bott, German actress
1978Paramahamsa Sri Nithyananda, Indian spiritual guru
1978Phillip Mulryne, Northern Irish footballer
1979Brody Dalle, Australian singer (The Distillers)
1979Koichi Domoto, Japanese artist
1980Elin Nordegren, Swedish model
1980Nils-Eric Johansson, Swedish footballer
1981Abdulkadir Kocak, Turkish boxer
1981Zsolt Baumgartner, Hungarian race car driver
1981Eden Riegel; American actress.
1981Rashod Moulton; National Football League player.
1981Zsolt Baumgartner; Hungarian race car driver.
1982David Nalbandian, Argentinian tennis player
1983Emi Kobayashi; Japanese gravure idol.
1983Jasmine Dustin; American actress and model.
1984Jose Paolo Guerrero, Peruvian football player
1984Michael Witt, Australian rugby league player.
1985Steven Davis; Northern Irish football player.
1985Deivson Rogerio da Silva; Brazilian football player who plays for Besiktas J.K.
1986Alexa Ray Joel; American singer/songwriter daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley.
1986Lee Sungmin; Korean singer, member of Super Junior.
1992Martin Leung, Canadian trombone player
1996Mary Gibbs, American actress
 People who passed away on this day
379Saint Basil of Caesarea (b. 330)
404Saint Telemachus
874Hasan al-Askari, eleventh Shia Imam (b. 846)
898Odo, Count of Paris (b. 860)
1204King Haakon III of Norway
1384King Charles II of Navarre (b. 1332)
1515King Louis XII of France (b. 1462)
1554Pedro de Valdivia, Spanish conquistador
1559Christian III of Denmark and Norway (b. 1503)
1560Joachim Du Bellay, French poet
1617Hendrik Goltzius, Dutch painter (b. 1558)
1679Jan Steen, Dutch painter
1716William Wycherley, English dramatist
1720Francis Daniel Pastorius in Germantown, Pennsylvania (born in Sommerhausen, Germany). He purchased land from William Penn and founded the city of Germantown.
1730Samuel Sewall, English-born judge (b. 1652)
1742Peregrine Bertie, 2nd Duke of Ancaster and Kesteven, English statesman (b. 1686)
1748Johann Bernoulli, Swiss mathematician (b. 1667)
1759Jacques-Joachim Trotti, marquis de La Ch?rdie, French adventurer (b. 1705)
1766James Francis Edward Stuart, The Old Pretender (b. 1688)
1782Johann Christian Bach in London at age 46 (born in Leipzig, Germany); son of J. S. Bach, composer at the King's Theater; tutor of Mozart.
1789Fletcher Norton, 1st Baron Grantley, English politician (b. 1716)
1793Francesco Guardi, Venetian painter (b. 1712)
1800Louis-Jean-Marie Daubenton, French naturalist (b. 1716)
1817Martin Heinrich Klaproth, German chemist (b. 1743)
1862Mikhail Vasilievich Ostrogradsky, Russian physicist (b. 1801)
1869Martin W. Bates, U.S. Senator from Delaware (b. 1786)
1892Roswell B. Mason, Mayor of Chicago (b. 1805)
1894Heinrich Hertz in Bonn, Germany; physicist, discovered how to produce, send, and receive radio waves. The radio frequency measurement "hertz" is named for him.
1912Pyotr Nikolaevich Lebedev, Russian phsyicist (b. 1866)
1919Mikhail Drozdovsky, Russian general (b. 1881)
1921Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg, Chancellor of Germany (b. 1856)
1931Martinus Beijerinck, Dutch microbiologist and botanist (b. 1851)
1933Harriet Brooks, Canadian physicist (b. 1876)
1944Charles Turner, Australian cricketer (b. 1862)
1953Hank Williams, American singer (b. 1923)
1958Edward Weston, American photographer (b. 1886)
1960Margaret Sullavan, American actress (b. 1911)
1964Bechara El Khoury, President of Lebanon (b. 1890)
1972Maurice Chevalier, French actor and singer (b. 1888)
1981Beulah Bondi, American actress (b. 1888)
1984Alexis Korner, British blues musician and broadcaster (born 1928).
1986Alfredo Binda, Italian cyclist (b. 1902)
1992Grace Hopper, American computer pioneer (b. 1906)
1994Cesar Romero, American actor (b. 1907)
1994Lord Arthur Espie Porritt, Governor-General of New Zealand (b. 1900)
1994Arthur Espie Porritt, New Zealand politician and athlete (born 1900).
1995Fred West, British serial killer (suicide) (b. 1941)
1995Eugene Wigner, Hungarian physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1902)
1996Arleigh Burke, U.S. admiral (b. 1901)
1997Townes Van Zandt, American folk singer, at age 52 (born 1944).
1998Helen Wills Moody, American tennis player (31 Grand Slams), at age 92 (born 1905).
2000Colin Vaughan, Australian-born political journalist in Canada
2001Ray Walston, American actor (b. 1914)
2003Joe Foss, American politician and fighter pilot (b. 1915)
2005Shirley Chisholm, U.S. Congresswoman (b. 1924)
2005Bob Matsui, U.S. Congressman (b. 1941)
2005Hugh John Frederick Lawson, 6th Baron Burnham, British newspaperman and politician (b. 1931)
2005Eugene J. Martin, U.S. artist (born 1938).
2005Bob Matsui, U.S. Congressman from California (born 1941).
2005Shirley Chisholm, U.S. Congresswoman (born 1924).
2006Bryan Harvey, American musician (b. 1956)
2006Phillip Whitehead, British politician and television producer (b. 1937)
2006Harry Magdoff, American magazine editor (b. 1913)
2006Charles Steen, American geologist, the "Uranium King".
2007Ernie Koy, American baseball player (born 1909).
2007Darrent Williams, American football player (born 1982).
2008Erich Kaestner at age 107, in Cologne, Germany, the last German World War I veteran.
2009Nizar Rayan, Palestinian military and political leader (born 1959).
2009Johannes Mario Simmel, Austrian writer (born 1924).
 Events Which Happened on January 01
990Russia adopts Julian calendar.
1076The Holy Roman Emperor, Heinrich IV, persuades 26 bishops to refuse obedience to the Pope.
1259Michael VIII Palaeologus proclaimed co-emperor of the Empire of Nicaea with his ward John IV Lascaris.
1430Jews of Sicily are no longer required to attend conversionist services.
1438Albert II of Habsburg is crowned King of Hungary.
1438Albrecht II von Habsburg becomes king of Hungary.
1484Ulrich Zwingli is born in Wildhaus, Switzerland; influential church reformer in the development of Swiss Protestantism.
1494Juw Dekama elected potentate of Frisia.
1502Portuguese navigators discover Rio de Janeiro.
1504King Louis XII loses last bulwark in Naples, Caeta.
1515Fran?ois, Duke of Angoul?me succeeds Louis XII as Fran?ois I of France.
1515Jews are expelled from Laibach Austria.
1573Geuzen sets fire to Woudrichem.
1583First day of the Gregorian calendar in Holland and Flanders.
1600Scotland begins using the Julian calendar.
1610German astronomer Simon Marius first discovers the Jupiter moons, but does not officially report it, Galileo does on July 1 1610.
1622Papal Chancery adopts January 1 as beginning of the year (was March 25).
1651Charles II crowned King of Scotland.
1651Charles II Stuart crowned king of Scotland.
1660Thomas Fairfax' New Model-army occupies York.
1660General Moncks army battles with the Tweed on way to London.
1660First entry in Samuel Pepys' diary.
1672Jean Racine's "Bajazet" premieres in Paris.
1673Regular mail delivery begins between New York and Boston.
1675Don Carlos de Gurrea/Arag=n becomes Spanish land guardian of South Netherlands.
1689Pro-James II-Earl of Danby occupies York.
1700Russia begins using the Julian calendar.
1700Protestant West-Europe (except England) begin using Gregorian calendar.
1700Russia replaces Byzantines with Julian calendar.
1701Great Britain and Ireland union is in effect, creating United Kingdom.
1707John V is crowned King of Portugal.
1707Jacob V succeeds his father Pedro II as king of Portugal.
1738Bouvet Island is discovered by French explorer Jean-Baptiste Charles Bouvet de Lozier.
1739J B C Bouvet de Lozier discovers Bouvet Island, near Antarctica.
1770Date of action in the opera "Madeleine".
1772First traveler's checks issued (London).
1776General George Washington hoists Continental Union Flag.
1785Daily Universal Register (Times of London) publishes first issue.
1788First edition of The Times of London, previously The Daily Universal Register, is published.
1788Quakers in Pennsylvania emancipate their slaves.
1788London's Daily Universal Register becomes the Times.
1791The Bank of North America converts accounts from Mexican dollars to US dollars.
1797Albany replaces New York City as capital of New York.
1798Russia appoints first Jewish censor to censor Hebrew books.
1800Dutch East Indies Company dissolves.
1801Legislative union of Kingdom of Great Britain and Kingdom of Ireland is completed to form the United Kingdom.
1801The first known asteroid, 1 Ceres, is discovered by Giuseppe Piazzi.
1801Ireland and Great Britain (England and Scotland) form United Kingdom.
1804French rule ends in Haiti.
1804General Jean-Jacques Dessalines proclaims independence of Haiti from France.
1807Curacao is taken by English (until March, 1816).
1808Importation of slaves into the United States is banned.
1808African Benevolent Society (education) forms.
1808US Congress prohibits importation of slaves.
1808Sierra Leone becomes a British colony.
1809Holland Brigade under Brigadier General ChassT reaches Madrid.
1814Field marshal Blncher's troops cross the Rhine at Kaub.
1818Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus is published.
1818Official reopening of the White House.
1827Dutch Trade Company NHM gets opium monopoly on Java.
1831William Lloyd Garrison publishes first issue of abolitionist journal.
1833British government demands Falkland islands.
1833Cura?ao census 2,602 whites, 6,531 free people and 5,894 slaves.
1834German Customs Union comes into force.
1838First official horse race in South Australia-Adelaide.
1840First recorded bowling match in US, Knickerbocker Alleys, New York City, New York.
1842First illustrated weekly magazine in US publishes first issue, New York City, New York.
1844First edition of New Rotterdam's Daily (3x per week).
1846Yucatan declares independence from MTxico.
1847Netherlands Haarlem's Current newspaper starts publishing.
1847Michigan is first state to abolish capital punishment.
1848Britain takes Mosquito Coast from Nicaragua.
1851City of Glasgow steamer inaugurates Philadelphia-Liverpool line.
1852First US public bath opens in New York City, New York.
1852Netherlands begins issuing postage stamps.
1853First practical fire engine (horse-drawn) in US enters service.
1854Lincoln University, a black college, chartered (Oxford PA).
1858In Great Britain, the Matrimonial Causes Act of 1857 comes into effect, allowing affordable divorce to the middle class.
1858Canada begins using decimal currency system.
1860Slavery ends of in Netherlands Indies.
1861Porfirio Diaz conquers Mexico City.
1861US President Abraham Lincoln declares slavery in Confederate states unlawful.
1862Battle of Fort McRee, Florida, and Battle of Port Royal, South Carolina (Port Royal Ferry).
1862First US income tax (3 percent of incomes > $600, 5 percent of incomes > $10,000).
1863The first claim under the Homestead Act is made by Daniel Freeman for a farm in Nebraska.
1863American Civil War: The Emancipation Proclamation takes effect in Confederate territory.
1863Battle of Galveston, Texas - Confederates recapture the city.
1863US President Abraham Lincoln issues an executive order, naming ten specific states where his order of September 22 would apply (freedom of slaves in Confederate states).
1863Battle of Helena, Arkansas.
1863First homestead under the Homestead Act claimed, near Beatrice Nebraska.
1863Franz Schuberts "Missa Solemnis" premieres in Leipzig.
1871Belgium disbands salt tax.
1873Origin of Japanese Era.
1874New York City annexes the Bronx.
1875Midland Railway abolishes Second Class passenger facilities, leaving First Class and Third Class. Other British Railway companies followed Midland's lead during the rest of the year. (Third Class was renamed Second Class in 1956)
1876Founding of the Reichsbank and the Mark becomes the German currency.
1877England's Queen Victoria proclaimed empress of India.
1879John Brahms' Violin Concerto in D major premieres in Leipzig.
1880Ferdinand de Lesseps begins French construction of the Panama Canal.
1880French workers begin official ground-breaking for a sea-level canal across Colombia's Panama province.
1881Dr John H Watson is introduced to Sherlock Holmes.
1886First Tournament of Roses, Pasadena California.
1887Queen Victoria was proclaimed empress of India in Delhi.
1889The first Tournament of Roses is held in Pasadena, California.
1891French troops occupy Nioro, West-Sudan, 3000 killed.
1892Ellis Island opens to begin accepting immigrants to the United States.
1892Ellis Island becomes reception center for new immigrants.
1893Japan begins using the Gregorian calendar.
1893First US college extension courses for credit, University of Chicago.
1893Japan adopts the Gregorian calendar.
1894The Manchester Ship Canal, England, was officially opened to traffic.
1894Denmark adopts Mid-European time.
1894Manchester Ship Canal in England opens to traffic.
1895Norway adopts Mid-European time.
1896Wilhelm R˜ntgen announces his discovery of x-rays.
1897First football game between black colleges-Atlanta University 10, Tuskegee 0.
1897Brooklyn merges with New York to form present City of New York.
1898New York City annexes land from surrounding counties, creating the City of Greater New York. The four initial boroughs, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and The Bronx, are joined on January 25 by Staten Island to create the modern city of five boroughs.
1898d'Annunzio's "Sogno d'un mattino di primavera" premieres in Rome.
1898Lightship replaces whistling buoy at mouth of San Francisco Bay.
1899Spanish rule ends in Cuba.
1899Cuba liberated from Spain by US (National Day) (US occupies till 1902).
1900First date in John dos Passos' USA trilogy (The 42nd Parallel).
1900Compulsory education in Netherlands goes into effect.
1900British protectorates of Northern and Southern Nigeria established.
1901The first official Mummers Parade is held.
1901Nigeria becomes a British protectorate.
1901The British colonies of New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia federate as the Commonwealth of Australia; Edmund Barton is appointed the first Prime Minister.
1901Australia declares independence from federation of United Kingdom colonies.
1902The first Rose Bowl game is played in Pasadena, California.
1902Nathan Stubblefield makes the first public demonstration of radio in Pennsylvania, USA.
1902First Rose Bowl game (Pasadena California) (University of Michigan-49, Stanford-0).
1904Netherlands Indies colony begins opium production.
1904In Great Britain, the Motor Car Act comes into effect (requires driving licenses).
1905Nine-hour work day for diamond miners.
1906Dutch law makes driver's license mandatory.
1907President Theodore Roosevelt shakes a record 8,513 hands in one day.
1908For the first time, a ball is dropped in New York City's Times Square to signify the start of the New Year at midnight.
1908Harry Bensley begins a walk around the world on a wager of $100,000 (21,000 pounds). The conditions imposed on him are to wear an iron mask for the entire journey, push a perambulator (baby crib), and marry while on the route. He sets out from Trafalgar Square in London, England.
1908Jack Hobbs makes his Test debut at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (83 and 28).
1909Drilling began on the Lakeview Gusher.
1909Robert Fowler runs then world record marathon (2:52:45.4).
1910Simpson-Hayward (England) takes 6-43 on debut with underarm lobs.
1911Northern Territory is separated from South Australia and transferred to Commonwealth control.
1911Belgian Mining law introduces 9.5-hour work day.
1911South Australia transfers Northern Territory to federal government.
1912The Republic of China is established.
1912First running of San Francisco's famed "Bay to Breakers" race (7.63 miles/12.3 km).
1912Sun Yat-sen forms Chinese Republic.
1913Post office begins parcel post deliveries.
1914Northern and Southern Nigeria united in British colony of Nigeria.
1914Klaas ter Laan becomes Netherlands' first socialist mayor (Zaandam).
1914First scheduled commercial passenger airline service, by St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line of St. Petersburg, Florida. Cost is US$5 for the 20 mile flight.
1915Jews of Laibach Austria expelled.
1915DW Griffith shows "Clansman" at a sneak preview.
1916German troops abandon Yaound?a> and their Kamerun colony to British forces and begin the long march to Spanish Guinea.
1916First issue of "Journal of Negro History" published.
1916First football game in Rose Bowl (Washington State-Brown).
1918Last day of the Julian calendar in Finland.
1919Belorussian SSR established.
1922Vancouver British Columbia, Canada starts driving on the right side of road.
1923Union of Socialist Soviet Republics established.
1923The very first radio broadcast of the Rose Bowl is beamed in Los Angeles, California over KHJ radio.
1924Grossdeutsche V˜lksgemeinschaft/V˜lkische Block replaces NSDAP in Germany.
1925American astronomer Edwin Hubble announces the discovery of galaxies outside the Milky Way.
1925Norway's capital Christiania changes name to Oslo.
1926Turkey adopts Gregorian calendar.
1926Flood in Rhine strikes Cologne, Germany.
1927First US coast-to-coast network radio broadcast of football's Rose Bowl is made. Graham McNamee provides the play-by-play on NBC Radio.
1927Communist uprising in West Java.
1928First US air-conditioned office building opens, San Antonio, New Mexico.
1929Roy Riegels runs 60 yards the wrong way with Rose Bowl fumble recovery.
1930Jurgens and Van den Berg merge with Lever Brothers to form Unilever.
1934Nazi Germany passes the Law for the Prevention of Genetically Diseased Offspring.
1934Alcatraz Island becomes a U.S. federal prison.
1934International Telecommunication Union established.
1934Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (US bank guarantor) effective.
1934Alcatraz officially becomes a federal prison.
1935Bucknell University wins the first Orange Bowl 26-0 over the University of Miami.
1935Associated Press inaugurates Wirephoto.
1935President Mustapha Kemal Pasha names himself "Atatnrk: Father of Turkey".
1935First Sugar Bowl and first Orange Bowl.
1937The first Cotton Bowl game is played in Dallas, Texas.
1937US Army Air Corps physiological research laboratory completed, Ohio.
1937Anastasio Somoza becomes President of Nicaragua.
1939The Vienna New Year's Concert is first held.
1939William Hewlett and David Packard found Hewlett-Packard in the USA.
1939Anglo-American trade agreement goes into effect, cutting tariffs in US, England, and Crown Colonies.
1941Netherlands begins taxing wages.
1941Russian General Zhukov appointed chief of General staff.
1941Lorne Greene is appointed as first announcer in CBC's new national news service in Canada. His voice in nightly wartime broadcasts earns him the nickname, "The Voice of Doom".
1942The Declaration by the United Nations is signed by twenty-six nations.
1942Rose Bowl played in North Carolina due to Japanese threat-Oregon 20, Duke 16.
1942In Washington, D.C., representatives of 26 countries sign the Declaration of United Nations.
1942Japanese forces enter Manila in the Philippines.
1943Adolf Hitler decides to scrap the High Seas Fleet, to use the men, guns, and armor-plating for better uses.
1944Lebanon gains full independence.
1944US Army defeats Navy 10-7 in football "Arab Bowl", Oran, North Africa.
1944US General Clark replaces General George Patton as commander of 7th Army.
1945(early) The German Luftwaffe launches 1000 sorties of fighter planes in a series of major raids on 27 Allied airfields in Holland, Belgium, and northwest France. They destroy over 300 Allied aircraft, but lose nearly 200 of their own. German anti-aircraft batteries, which were not informed of the raids, shoot down many of their own planes.
1945France joins the United Nations.
1946In Tokyo, Japan, Emperor Hirohito gives his first message to the public since the announcement of surrender in September. He renounces the notion of his divinity as a matter of legends and myths, and calls on the nation to eliminate evils of the past, and found a new peaceful Japan.
1946National Assembly proclaims Hungary a republic.
1946In Singapore, Siam signs a peace treaty with the United Kingdom and India.
1947The United States and Great Britain join their German zones of administration.
1947Britain nationalizes its coal industry.
1948After partition, India declines to pay the agreed share of Rs.550 million in cash balances to Pakistan.
1948British railways are nationalised to form British Rail.
1948Britain nationalizes its railways.
1948Orissa province accedes to India.
1948General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade becomes effective.
1948Donald Bradman scores 132 in the first innings of the third Test versus India.
1948First color newsreel is filmed, in Pasadena, California, USA.
1948Italy adopts constitution.
1949UN Cease-fire orders to operate in Kashmir from one minute before midnight. War between India and Pakistan stops accordingly.
1949Tokelau (Union) Islands declared part of New Zealand.
1950Ho Chi Minh begins offensive against French troops in Indo-China.
1951Massive Chinese/North Korean assault on United Nations-lines.
1954Yugoslav parliament chairman and Vice President Milovan Djilas criticizes communism.
1954Rose and Cotton Bowl are first sport colorcasts.
1955Bhutan issues its first postage stamps.
1956The Republic of the Sudan achieves independence from the Egyptian Republic and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
1956Sudan (Anglo-Egyptian Sudan) gains independence from Britain and Egypt.
1957France returns Saar to become the 10th state of German Federal Republic.
1957International Geophysical Year begins; ends June 30, 1958 (18-month year).
1958The European Community is established.
1958BOAC Britannia flies London to New York in a record 7 hours 57 minutes.
1958Starting date of the European Economic Community (EEC Common Market) (France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands).
1959Fulgencio Batista, president of Cuba, is overthrown by Fidel Castro's forces during the Cuban Revolution.
1959Cultivars of plants named after this date must be named in a modern language, not in Latin.
1959Highway 91 in Nevada is officially renamed Las Vegas Boulevard.
1959Fidel Castro leads Cuba to victory as Fulgencio Batista flees to the Dominican Republic.
1959Chad becomes autonomous republic in French Community.
1959Rohan Kanhai completes 256 versus India at Calcutta.
1960The Republic of Cameroon achieves independence from France and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
1960Montserrat adopts constitution.
1960Johnny Cash plays his first free concert for inmates, at a show at San Quentin Prison in California.
1960Cameroon (French Cameroon) gains independence from France.
1960Bank of France issues new franc, worth 20 cents.
1961Largest check issued, National Bank of Chicago to Sears (US$960.242 billion).
1961Briggs Stadium is renamed Tigers Stadium.
1962Western Samoa achieves independence from New Zealand; its name is changed to the Independent State of Western Samoa.
1962Rwanda granted internal self-government by Belgium.
1962Western Samoa gains independence from New Zealand; Susuga Malietoa Tanumafili II becomes co-chief of Western Samoa.
1962Music group The Beatles fail an audition in London, England for a recording contract with Decca Records.
1963G Woods succeeds Eugene Black as president of the World Bank.
1964The Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland is divided into the independent republics of Zambia and Malawi, and the British-controlled Rhodesia.
1964Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland dissolved.
1965Palestinian al-Fatah organization forms.
196612 day New York City transit strike begins.
1966Simon and Garfunkel's song "The Sounds of Silence" reaches number 1 on charts and stays for two weeks.
1966Military coup by Colonel Jean-BTdel Bokassa in Central African Republic.
1966All US cigarette packs have to carry "Caution Cigarette smoking may be hazardous to your health".
1966The Aladdin Hotel opens in Las Vegas, with 15-story high Aladdin's lamp.
1967Kansas City Chiefs beat Buffalo Bills 31-7 in AFL championship game.
1967Tonga revises constitution.
1967Green Bay Packers beat Dallas Cowboys 34-27 in NFL championship game.
1967Saint Helena adopts constitution.
1967In his annual New Year's column of predictions, the great Criswell writes (and announces on TV) that there will be a one-week war with Egypt and Russia against Israel, and that actress Jayne Mansfield would die during the year.
1967US Federal Communications Commission requires AM-FM sister stations to be at least 50 percent different.
1967CRU becomes the CAFA and turns over the Grey Cup trophy to the Canadian Football League.
1968A music group known as The Blue Velvets changes its name to Creedence Clearwater Revival.
1968ABC radio splits into four networks (Information, Entertainment, Contemporary and FM).
1968Evel Knievel fails in his attempt to jump Caesar's Palace Fountain.
1968Criswell predicts in print and on TV that a black civil rights leader would be assassinated before October.
1968Netherlands gets color TV.
1969Jack Kent Cooke, owner of NHL's Los Angeles Kings, fines each player $100 for "NOT" arguing with the referee.
1970Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Miles, and Billy Cox are recorded live at the Fillmore East. The resulting album, Band of Gypsys, is the last Hendrix album to be released before his death.
1970Charles "Chub" Feeney replaces Warren Giles as president of American baseball's National League. Giles held the position for 18 years, and Feeney will hold it for the next 16.
1970Neth Christian Workers Union (NCW) forms.
1970Revised calendar for Western (RC) Church goes into effect.
1971Cigarette advertisements are banned on American television.
1971Tobacco advertisements are banned on radio and TV in the USA.
1972People's Republic of China performs nuclear test at Lop Nor.
1973The Kingdom of Denmark, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland are admitted into the European Community.
197347th Australian Women's Tennis: Margaret Court beats Goolagong (6-4, 7-5).
1973West African Economic Community forms (Benin, Ivory Coast, Mali, Mauritania, Niger, Senegal, Upper Volta).
1973Great Britain, Ireland, and Denmark become 7th-9th members of European Common Market.
1974Lee MacPhail takes over as American League president, succeeding Joe Cronin.
1974NBC radio begins on-the-hour news 24 hours a day (following CBS lead).
1975Private ownership of gold is legalized in the USA.
1975Sweden adopts its constitution.
1975Chief of Staff Harry Haldeman, Ehrlichman, Mitchell and Mardian convicted of Watergate crime.
1976Venezuela nationalizes oil fields.
1976Liberty Bell moves to new home behind Independence Hall.
1977Belgium reapportions 2,359 communities into 596.
1977Tony Dorsett runs for record 202 yards in the Sugar Bowl.
1978Air India Flight 855 Boeing 747 explodes and crashes into the sea off the coast of Bombay, killing 213.
1978Air India B747 explodes near Bombay killing 213.
1979Formal diplomatic relations are established between the People's Republic of China and the United States of America.
1979Jura, 26th canton of Switzerland, established.
1979US and People's Republic of China begin diplomatic relations.
1979The European Currency System (EWS, Europaische Wahrungssystem) comes into force. The ECU is created. The name ECU is later changed to the Euro.
1980Changes to the Swedish Act of Succession make Victoria of Sweden Crown Princess over her younger brother.
1980Mob storms Russian embassy in Teheran, Iran.
1980Premier Adbou Diouf becomes President of Senegal.
1980In Azores Islands, Portugal, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake occurs. At least 60 people killed, 400 or more injured and extensive damage.
1980Alabama beats Arkansas in Sugar Bowl for college football championship.
198054th Australian Womens Tennis: Barbara Jordan beats S Walsh (6-3, 6-3).
1980Chrysler UK renamed Talbot.
1981The Republic of Greece is admitted into the European Community.
1981The Republic of Palau achieves self-government; it is not yet independent from the United States of America.
1981Greece is 10th country to join European Economic Community.
1981Georgia beats Notre Dame in Sugar Bowl for college football title.
1981Palau (Trust Territory of Pacific Islands) becomes self-governing.
1981Roger Smith becomes CEO of General Motors.
1982Peruvian Javier P?z de Cu?ar becomes the first Latin American to hold the title of Secretary-General of the United Nations.
1982Pope John Paul II prays for an end to martial law in Poland.
1982Abba makes their final live appearance as a group in a concert in Stockholm.
1982Clemson wins the Orange Bowl for college football championship.
1982Javier PTrez de Cuellar becomes Secretary-General of United Nations.
1982MTA launches five year capital program to overhaul New York City, New York subway system.
1983The ARPANET officially changes to using the Internet Protocol, creating the Internet.
1983PGA inaugurates all-exempt tour.
1983Pennsylvania State beats Georgia in Sugar Bowl for college football title.
1984ATT is broken up into twenty-two independent units.
1984The Sultanate of Brunei becomes independent of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
1984AT&T's Bell System companies divest into 24 independent units.
1984Brunei becomes independent of United Kingdom.
1985The Internet's Domain Name System is created.
1985The first British mobile phone call is made by Ernie Wise to Vodafone.
1985US's first manadatory seat belt law goes into effect (New York).
1985VH-1 premieres on US cable as an adult contemporary music video channel.
1985The first British mobile phone call is made (by Ernie Wise to Vodafone).
1986The Kingdom of Spain and the Portuguese Republic are admitted into the European Community.
1986Aruba becomes independent of Cura?, though it remains in free association with the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
1986Aruba becomes independent from neighbor island Cura?ao (part of Kingdom of the Netherlands).
1986Iowa's All-American running back, Ronnie Harmon, fumbles the ball four times in his last game-the Rose Bowl.
1986Spain and Portugal become 11th and 12th members of Common Market (European Economic Community).
1986Oklahoma wins Orange Bowl for college football championship.
1987Frobisher Bay, Northwest Territories, changes its name to Iqaluit.
1987China's rudimentary civil code comes into effect.
1988The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America comes into existence, creating the largest Lutheran denomination in the United States of America.
1988Czech-born tennis star Hana Mandikova becomes an Australian citizen.
1988The Soviet Union begins its program of economic restructuring (perestroika) with legislation initiated by Premier Mikhail Gorbachev.
1988Miami beats Oklahoma for college football championship.
1988The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is established, creating the largest Lutheran denomination in the United States.
1989Year of the Young Reader begins.
1990David Dinkins was sworn in as New York City's first black mayor
1990US Federal Communications Commission implements "SYNDEX" giving independent stations more rights over cable TV outlets for exclusive syndicated programs.
1990Mitsuko Nishiwaki beats Nakano to become Japan Women wrestling champ.
1990Sports News Network begins operation on cable TV.
1990David Dinkins sworn in as first black mayor of New York City, New York.
1991The Colorado Buffaloes claim US college football's national championship with a 10-9 win over Notre Dame in the 1991 Orange Bowl.
19915 percent sales tax on consumer goods and services goes into effect in USSR.
1991Iraq rejects peace proposal from Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.
1992George H. W. Bush becomes the first U.S. President to address the Australian Parliament.
1992Cura?ao becomes first in Dutch Antilles to have compulsory education.
1992The ESPN Radio Network debuts.
1992Boutros Boutros-Ghali of Egypt replaces Javier PTrez de CuTllar of Peru as United Nations Secretary-General.
1993Dissolution of Czechoslovakia: Czechoslovakia is divided into the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic.
1993A single market within the European Community is introduced.
1993Pakistan is elected member of the 15-nation UN Security Council.
1993Czechoslovakia separates into Czech Republic and Slovakia.
1993Twelve-member European Economic Community sets up vast free trade zone.
1993Blockbuster Bowl 3: Stanford beats Pennsylvania State, 24-3.
1994The North American Free Trade Agreement comes into effect.
1994The Zapatista Army of National Liberation initiates twelve days of armed conflict in the Mexican State of Chiapas.
1994The European Economic Area comes into effect.
1994The Zapatista Army of National Liberation begins their war in Chiapas, Mexico.
1994Florida State University beats the University Of Nebraska in the Orange Bowl for the US national football championship.
1994The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) goes into effect in Canada, USA, and Mexico.
1994Carquest Bowl 4: Boston College beats Virginia, 32-13.
1994Aleksandr Popov swims world record 100m free style (47.83).
1994In Canada, a Celebration 1994 ticket on the Lotto 6/49 lottery gives CDN$1 million to a Toronto resident.
1995The World Trade Organization comes into effect.
1995The Kingdom of Sweden and the republics of Austria and Finland are admitted into the European Union.
1995The Conference for Security and Co-operation in Europe becomes the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.
1995In Germany, the "SolidaritStszuschlag" (a special tax for rebuilding the East) is introduced and applies to income taxes and corporate taxes.
1995The World Trade Organization is established to replace GATT.
1995The Draupner wave in the North Sea in Norway is detected, confirming the existence of freak waves.
1995Austria, Finland, and Sweden enter the European Union.
1995Fernando Henrique Cardoso installed as President of Brazil.
1995Frederick West, English contractor/serial killer, commits suicide at age 53.
1995Rod Stewart sets a new record for the largest attendance for an open-air concert, as 3.5 million people turn out for his New Year's concert in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
1995Bravo!, Canada's NewStyleArts Channel launches, along with WTN, The New Country Network, and RDI, the world's first 24-hour French news channel.
1995Raman Lamba and Ravi Sehgal score 464 for first wicket for Delhi.
1996Cura? gains limited self-government, though it remains within free association with the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
1996Cura?ao gains limited form of self rule (Status Aparte).
1996In Minahasa, Sulawesi, Indonesia, a magnitude 7.9 earthquake occurs. At least eight people killed, more than 350 buildings damaged.
1997The Republic of Za? officially joins the World Trade Organization, as Za?.
1998The ESRB rating K-A(Kids to Adults) is replaced by the rating E(Everyone).
1998US Census Bureau estimates population at 268,921,733.
1998Mongolia switches from a 46 hour to 40 hour work week.
1998Smoking is banned in all California bars and restaurants.
1999The Euro currency is introduced.
1999The Euro begins to be introduced as the common currency of Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxemburg, Holland, Austria, Portugal, Spain and Finland. All non-cash transactions in the Eurozone are now conducted in the common euro currency.
2000As the world celebrates, no major crisis arises from the dreaded Y2K computer 'millennium bug'.
2000Millennium celebrations take place throughout the world.
2000Y2K passes without serious, widespread computer failures, as many experts and businesses had feared.
2000Scientists Matt and Mike Chapman create the Homestar Runner Flash animated Internet cartoon.
2001The European Union launches a program requiring BSE testing on all cattle older than 30 months.
2001Swedish Prime Minister G˜ran Persson begins Sweden's six month role as president of the European Union.
2002The Open Skies mutual surveillance treaty, initially signed in 1992, officially enters into force.
2002Euro banknotes and coins become legal tender in twelve of the European Union's member states.
2002Taiwan officially joins the World Trade Organization, as Chinese Taipei.
2002Euro notes and coins are issued in France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Finland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Austria, Ireland and the Netherlands, replacing those countries' currencies.
2003The European Union takes over the United Nation's police mission in Bosnia.
2003In S?o Paulo, Brazil, Luiz Inflcio Lula da Silva takes office as president.
2003Pascal Couchepin becomes President of the Confederation in Switzerland.
2003Greece takes over presidency of the European Union for six months.
2004The single largest expansion of the European Union takes place as the number of member states grows from 15 to 25 due to the accession of Cyprus, Malta, Slovenia, and several former Eastern Bloc countries.
2004Pervez Musharraf wins a vote of confidence from an electoral college consisting of Parliament and the provincial assemblies, confirming him as President of Pakistan and de facto dictator until 2007.
2005Turkey drops six zeroes from its currency denominations.
2006Russia cuts natural gas to Ukraine over a price dispute.
2006Sydney, Australia, has its hottest day on record, when the city swelters in 45 degree C heat.
2007South Korea's Ban Ki-moon becomes the new United Nations Secretary-General, replacing Kofi Annan.
2007War in Somalia: Fighters of the Islamic Courts Union abandon their last stronghold in Kismayo and flee for the Kenyan border.
2007A state of emergency is declared in Bangladesh.
2007Angola joins OPEC.
2007Hong Kong's new smoking law starts. From this day onwards, smoking is prohibited in clubs, karaoke bars, restaurants, and all public places.
2007Slovenia adopts the euro as its official currency, replacing the tolar.
2007Bulgaria and Romania join the European Union.
2007Germany begins six-month term of presidency of the European Union.
2007Adam Air Flight 574, a routine domestic flight in Indonesia, disappears.
2008At the Ralph Wilson Stadium in Buffalo, New York, the first regular-season outdoor NHL hockey game in the US is held. 71217 fans watch the 2008 Winter Classic, in which the Buffalo Sabres play the Pittsburgh Penguins, running into overtime, and ending with a shoot-out with the Penguins winning.
2008The United Nations' African Mission in Darfur takes over peacekeeping duty from the African Union.
2008A suicide bombing occurs in Zayouna, Baghdad, killing over 25 people during a funeral over the deaths from the preceding attack.
2008Venezuela redenominates its currency at one bolivar fuerte to 1000 bolivars. Seven new coins are issued, from 1 centimo through 1 bolivar fuerte.
2008Cyprus and Malta adopt the euro currency.
2008Jeff Bewkes is new chief executive officer of Time Warner.
2008The Gulf Cooperation Council common market officially begins.
2008Slovenia begins six-month term of presidency of the European Union.
2009Austria, Japan, Mexico, Turkey, and Uganda assume their seats on the United Nations Security Council.
2009Iraqi security forces take control Baghdad's fortified Green Zone after a UN mandate for troops expires. The Basra International Airport is also turned over to Iraqi forces.
2009In Brazil, new spelling rules come into effect, standardising spellings, removing silent consonants, removing various accents, and officially adding letters k, w and y to the Portuguese alphabet.
2009Asunci=n, the capital of Paraguay, becomes the American Capital of Culture and Vilnius and Linz become the European Capitals of Culture.
2009The U.S. military in Iraq falls under Iraqi authority for the first time since the U.S.-led invasion ousted Saddam Hussein in 2003.
2009Slovakia becomes the 16th member of the Euro Zone, changing its currency from the koruna to the euro.
2009The Czech Republic takes over the presidency of the Council of the European Union from France.
2009Turkmenistan redenominates its currency, making 1 new manat equal to 5000 old manat, and releases a new series of coins and currency.
2010At least 88 people are killed by a suicide bomb attack at a volleyball court near Lakki Marwat, close to North and South Waziristan in the north-west of Pakistan.
2011Estonia joins the eurozone, and begins using the euro as currency, replacing the kroon.