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Welcome to Inspiring Alley, your source for inspiration & motivation. Whether you are looking for great quotes about topics such as life, gratitude, humility, love, spirituality, etc., or you just want to find some top quotes from literary novels, you have come to the right place.
You can easily find quotes by author or by topics. In case you do not easily find the page you are looking in less that 2 clicks, use the search at the top of the site. If you are interested in reading quote of the day, we display the daily quote as main feature on our homepage. You can easily reach the section of “quote of the day” by clicking on it in our navigation menu.

Everybody in all walks of life uses quotes consciously or unconsciously: whether a lawyer, a layman, student or the President of the United States, quotes are here to inspire us and make us think.

Good quotes have the benefits of paving a new direction for us. Let’s remember those political quotes uttered by Ronald Reagan in the early 80 which echoed in Vietnam, India and Africa thanks to the media.

More recently, Barack Obama’s words were adopted, praised in the media and have inspired many in the whole world. Obama’s quotes became famous not only because they came from a famous politician, but because people in the world identified with his words.

Quotes, made of words, empower and strengthen one’s vocabulary. Inspirational words sometimes drive general understanding as well as discordance. However, most often a beautiful quote is like a sound of music which helps us to understand ourselves; it empowers our mind and soul and gives us courage to face the unknown, especially when we’ve got no one to comfort us.

Motivating words exist in classical novel as well as in the new indie novels. Empowering quotes on how to break away from sadness, how to conquer one’s love, how to breed success can be found on all kind of literature.

On Inspiring Alley quotes get new meaning, where the notion of Weltliteratur is the driving force, where everybody from the student sitting in a computer room at the university to the CEO of a company can find his / her peace, be inspired, show a smile and gather force to finish the day through this inspirational alley we provide you.