If you do not read, you simply do not have the tools to write. Reading is the most important training a budding author can get. Reading different books from the different eras plays an instrumental role in building perception and thought execution. Choosing the “right” book is tricky and at the same time extremely pivotal. When some books will help you proceed in the direction of your dreams others will be left behind in the long run. But most books have something salient to teach, so here are the 5 books every aspiring writer needs to read pronto.

Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace

This book teaches the language of prose. A simple yet descriptive collection of words take you though a wonderful journey of nuances and connotations. This is one book which will teach you to bridge the gap between thought and expression. It will make many renowned scholars and linguists eat humble pie. This is a modern tale of pursuit of happiness in USA. This is a comedy fiction which explores the most important questions about entertainment and its importance in our lives. This is part philosophical soul searching and part wacky comedy that will take you along an entertaining journey though the entertainment nation of America.

Runaway by Alice Munro

A collection of haunting stories of love, betrayals and surprises, Runaway takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride along with the main characters. The protagonists have been sculpted to life by Alice Munro. This book teaches all aspiring authors to take notice of the small incidents which have the potential of bringing any character and scenario to life. Alice Munro aces at immortalizing simple moments of mundane life in black and white.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote

Breakfast at Tiffany’s and other stories by Capote are a wonderful portrayal of human emotions, drama, colorful events and climactic execution. He is the creator of Holly Golightly, who is not synonymous with the Hollywood masterpiece adapted from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Capote has successfully given an innocent charm to the character of Holly who lives in the city and falls for a city man. It is a must for all would-be writers since it teaches you how to execute elaborate ideas using simple words.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Anyone who has not read Pride and Prejudice is simply not qualified enough to create true literature. This is a classic which has been lauded for decades for the portrayal of the characters, description of human emotions, the tangled relationships and above all, a complete happy ending. This has been adapted on stage and screen relentlessly by multiple directors for decades. The brilliant waltz of the characters on their own ego clashes, ideologies, romantic interests and wits has been portrayed by Austen with finesse. Jane Austen has called Pride and Prejudice her own darling child.

To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf

This is a wonderful novel which gives the readers a perfect plot and a rich layered story with a plethora of curious characters. Trust on Woolf to bring depth in a complex character. This book teaches all amateur authors to chalk a captivating plot with complicated characters and yet weave a fairly simplistic storyline which keep all the readers hooked.

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