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5 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Job

Should I quit? This a question we are all bound to ask ourselves at least once in our careers but finding an answer to that question is not always as easy as we’d like it to be. If you’re on the fence about moving on in your career there are five signs you can watch for that are great for helping you determine whether or not it’s time to throw in the towel and work elsewhere.

Unwavering Boredom – Obviously some days at work are going to be less exciting than others but if every single day of every single week has become a snooze-fest it might be time to chase down a new gig. Boredom is often cited as the number one sign that it’s time to change your job so if you’re not sure, evaluate if your work really gets your blood pumping because you enjoy it so much or if you need eight cups of coffee every day just to make it thought the shift.

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No Potential for Growth – It’s okay to be comfortable with your work position. However, being so comfortable that you’re no longer intrigued by or growing through your position is a bad thing. If your work doesn’t challenge you the way it used to, it’s probably time to change your job (you should always be learning).

Too Much Stress – If your job stresses you out to the point you’re losing sleep over it and it’s playing games with your mental health, throw in the towel. A job isn’t worth losing your sleep or sanity. A little stress doesn’t hurt but too much can kill you. Pursue something that makes you happy instead.

Something Better Comes Along – It’s okay to change jobs if a better position opens up. We’re not necessarily talking more money here, just something you know you would enjoy even more than what you already do. You don’t have to be unhappy to change jobs.

You Don’t Fit In – Adjusting to a new job takes some time. But if you’ve been there for two years or more and feel like you don’t belong, change jobs. Lack of work friends equals lack of guidance equals loneliness. And all of that can result in an unhappy, unproductive employee. Don’t be that employee. It’s okay to move on to a job where you feel more secure, supported, and part of a team.

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