Sadness, a feeling that stems from going through something undesirable, something not wanted. Whether you hurt someone’s feelings, suffer a loss in business, pile up hatred within yourself for someone on grounds of being hurt by him, or find yourself stranded in a situation where you can’t wriggle out from without giving intense sacrifices, all these conditions put you off and make you feel dejected. Understanding that nothing lasts forever can help one snap out of sadness easily.

However, if the saddening situations or feeling persist, then following are the five simple ways to overcome sadness:

1.       Mindfulness

Keeping yourself busy, preoccupied with things-to-do is the key technique to ease the gloomy feelings storming inside you. Try to live in the present to the fullest; try not to divulge your mind into things which make you unhappy; try not to think about things over which you have no control and most importantly stay focused! The focus on your daily job and the feeling of accomplishment after getting it done will subside the sad feeling hounding you. Alternatively, find something to do that you will really look forward to which will help drift your mind off the negative thoughts.

2.       Exercise

Regular exercise, apart from boosting physical health, also does wonders to one’s mental state, as it helps release the stress out of you. A brisk walk, or excessive jog or any other form of exercise that tires you out shall benefit one the most.

3.       Sleep

Sleep and one’s mental state are closely related. A lack of sleep will result in aggravating pent-up frustration, while an overdose of sleep will result in tiredness, headache and the desire to sleep even longer. A moderate sleep of 7 to 8 hours a day does justice to one’s support system. A person broken from within shall be sleep deprived, should engage him into activities that exhaust him fully so he can take a good-night sleep!

4.       Pamper yourself!

Often in a state of melancholy, one tends to ignore himself to the point that he starts hating himself! The thumb rule is let’s not get too brutal with yourself! Let’s just treat yourself with manicures, pedicures, facials and massages so that you begin to love yourself! The feeling of knowing that you look good is a major confidence booster, so don’t ignore yourself!

5.       Forgive and help others

The feeling that emerges from forgiving those who’ve hurt you in the past is unexplainable! It’s like a treat to yourself as it frees you off your dark past. Forgetting, though, remains an impossible task but the lesson learnt from the experience should be marked in your heart forever!

On the other hand, helping others, gives a feeling of satisfaction that no other feeling can replace perhaps. The feeling of being a source of ridding someone of his problems is like no other! The blessings that are given by the “helped” are unmatchable!

Summing up, sadness will cause you to isolate yourself from the world, which is perfectly alright given the circumstances, but do make sure during that time spent alone, all by yourself, cry your heart out as crying also helps relieve stress and makes you feel lighter. Above all, just don’t lose faith in God, only believe that this hard time too shall pass!