Plenty of people set their alarms with the best of intentions to get up early, get things done, and get wherever they need to be in time.

But then the alarm actually goes off and they start slapping the snooze button because they just aren’t ready to wake up yet. We’re all guilty of this flaw but sometimes hitting that snooze button can get us into trouble.

So, here are five tips you can use to wake up early in the morning the next time you really need to.

Answer why you want to wake up early

Motivation is a great trick for training yourself to avoid the snooze button and wake up early. Do you want to get up at 6:30 a.m. because you want to exercise before work? Do you need a little quiet time for yourself before the kids get up? Whatever your reason is for waking up early, clearly define it, and then tell others about it. Accountability can be another great tool for helping you rise with the sun.

Plan your mornings ahead of time

Laying out clothes in advance, buying a coffee maker with a timer, or showering before bed instead of in the morning right before work are all great little tricks for saving a few extra minutes in the morning that you can dedicate to sleep. That way, you still get up early but you’re not as rushed or stressed out to get things done so you may be able to store a few extra minutes in the sleep bank if you need them.

Give yourself a bedtime

Sticking to a consistent bedtime is a smart idea anyway but it’s especially genius when you want to get into the habit of waking up early. Give yourself an eight hour head start (you may not need all of it because everybody is different) and waking up early should get easier after a week or two.

Organize your evening

If evening activities are interfering with you getting to bed on time, they’re interfering with your ability to wake up early (on time) and need to be addressed. Look for ways rearrange your evening activities – possibly move some to other times during the day – so that they interfere as little as possible with your sleep schedule.

Get evaluated

If all else fails, you may need to have a sleep evaluation. Difficulty waking up early can be a symptom of sleep apnea or other health problems.

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