Reading and writing are a very important part of learning how to become a better writer. For newbies who have no idea where they should start, books are the best ways to learn more about your own skills. Although there are thousands of books on writing, there are a few which every author needs to read at least once to master the skill of writing. Here are the most impressionable 5 books about writing, you need to read which will help you in your path of personal growth.

On Writing Well by William Zinsser

Think what you want to write about. Then get a pen and paper. Start writing and do not worry about your content. On Writing Well is a masterpiece of non-fiction writing by William Zinsser. This book talks about the regular ordeals of an author and his struggle to produce something for others to read. On Writing Well has been lauded for decades for covering the most necessary basics of journalism. All authors, aspiring poets, journalists and freelancers should pick up a copy for astute self evaluation.

Good Prose by Tracy Kidder

Good Prose is a collaborative non-fiction by Tracy Kidder and Richard Todd. This duo has sailed from The Atlantic to non-fiction literature. The book evaluates three kinds of writing styles which the author has dealt with during her career. Good Prose: The Art of Nonfiction has important advice for journalists, essayists, and storytellers. This an ideal read for any new author and freelancer.

Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey

This is a refreshing read in a world of black and white. Mason focuses on the daily habits and rituals of all renowned authors like Murkami and Wodehouse. The book gives a very interesting insight to the habit of writing. Most newbies struggle with the routine of regular writing. Daily Rituals gives them a direction and a time tested solution. The author also illustrates the likes of F. Scott Fitzgerald who found it extremely difficult to follow a strict schedule and worked in random sprees irrespective of place and time.

On Writing by Stephen King

This is a memoir by Stephen King where he notes his journey to stardom. It is a wonderfully detailed view of a writer’s talent, craft and discipline. This memoir gives a brief detail of all the faculties a writer must have to become successful. He talks about his personal life experiences and how they have inspired him to write for decades. He recounts his near-fatal accident in 199- and how the intangible link between literature and living accelerated his recovery process. On Writing is a brilliant work for all fans and non-fans who want to become great writers. The best thing about having a pen? You can write about absolutely anything you want. Nobody is asking you to write about a specific thing. You can chose your own topic and write on that. Whether it’s personal or fantasy doesn’t matter.

Reading Like A Writer by Francine Prose

This is a very important book in the life of an author. Francine Prose does a wonderful job in breaking down this masterpiece into small chapters which are dedicated to individual literary devices like character, dialogue, paragraph and narration. This is a wonderful guidebook which can elevate an aspiring author.

In order to write, you simply need to read. Most of these books offer a slice of their author’s lives to be taken as examples.

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