Stress is physical and mental response of the body to external factors. Simply put, stress is what we usually feel under pressure. A number of negative reasons can cause it. Not all stress is bad, but more often it has detrimental effect on our health and life in general. Therefore, it is crucial to learn how to deal with it.

Tips for Changing the Way of Living to Lessen Stress

Due to new technical advancements allowing day-and-night service and the modern world tendency to work long hours, there is a growth of the number of people suffering from stress. It can have destructive influence on both your private life and career. Sometimes, being overloaded with work, you find yourself at a loss. However, some tactics may help you to change your way of living to lessen this stress.

Managing Stress Techniques by 12 Business Leaders

Getting to the top of the career ladder, you will definitely have to deal with stress. However, it must not manage your life. Being well prepared, you can easily hold, reduce and defeat stress. 12 business leaders shared their experience of avoiding and handling stressful situations.

Stress strikes tech addicted workers

The era of technological advancements has raised a new phenomenon called “tech-stress” in the business world. An irrepressible urge to be constantly on-line is a newly created problem affecting most of employees. Stress caused by addiction to modern gadgets reportedly influences the productivity of the individuals who find it difficult to switch off after work. Ironically, technologies created to simplify our life can complicate it considerably.

Healthy food for beating stress

Stress can wriggle its way into our lives and strike unexpectedly. A deadline, an interview or any other trouble can bring it up easily. Then, we try to alleviate stress by eating something delicious, usually giving priority to junk food. However, it can be extremely dangerous for people in a stressful condition. In contrast, healthy food will take away the stress without any harm to the health.

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