Finding happiness in this chaotic world might seem difficult, but it isn’t completely impossible. Happiness depends upon a person’s perspective about life situations. You can achieve true happiness in life with a little guidance and a lot of self-help. Here are 5 books about happiness you need to read for the most therapeutic effect on your psyche.

10% Happier by Dan Harris

10% Happier by Dan HarrisIn this book, the well known anchor of Nightline takes you on an unexpected journey of spiritualism, self-help and happiness. Dan Harris had a panic attack on air after which he turned his life around. This book documents his life decisions, mistakes and his hilarious epiphanies which keep the readers hooked till the last page. This is the book for anyone who wants a peek into the world of America’s inner circle of spiritualism and happiness. 10% Happier is a light read which makes it extremely precious for everyone looking for some self-help.

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The Art of Happiness by Dalai Lama XIV, Howard C. CutlerThe Art of Happiness by Dalai Lama

According to Dalai Lama, happiness is the purpose of life and in this book he embarks on a journey to solve the mysteries of happiness. The Art of Happiness is both wonderful and inspiring since Dalai Lama takes the help of a world renowned psychiatrist, Dr. Culter to give us a better glimpse of what lies behind a smiling face. The scientist and the spiritualist together explain the facades of everyday life and the aspects of love, loss, anxiety, relationships and the pursuit of riches.

The Geography of Bliss: One Grump’s Search for the Happiest Places in the World by Eric Weiner

The Geography of BlissWeiner elaborates on the throngs of people who have settled in their lives and continue to live in utmost unhappiness. His years of stay in Afghanistan, Iraq and Indonesia have helped in shaping the book into a self-help masterpiece. According to his research, Iceland, Bhutan and India are homes to the world’s happiest people. This accentuates the real question, what makes these people happy? Because it is apparent enough that simple materialistic pleasures are simply not enough to do the trick.

Real Happiness at Work by Sharon Salzberg

Real Happiness at Work This book elaborates the benefits of meditations at work. Sharon Salzberg has spent years teaching meditation to thousands of followers. She is also a New York Times best selling author and the co-founder of the Insight Meditation Society. This is a practical guide which gives easy instructions to improve work life through ingenuity and commitment. This book tells you how to overcome job related stress, control-freak bosses and endless meeting hours.

Stumbling on Happiness Daniel Todd Gilbert

Stumbling on HappinessStumbling on Happiness is a brilliant book by Harvard psychologist Daniel T. Gilbert. In this book he sheds light on the illusions of foresight which almost always causes us to miscalculate our future and misconceive our satisfactions. He brings in incidents from the latest aspects of research in psychology, cognition, behavioral economics and philosophy to make his book interesting and at the same time scientifically accurate. Not too many self-help books are in alliance with latest research work from the fields of science, in this regard, Stumbling on Happiness is truly a unique work of art.

Books have the power to heal and redirect you in the right path. And it is never too late to read a few good books which can bring happiness to your life.

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