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5 Must Have Apps for Writers

Smartphones can be extremely useful tools for writers. There’s an app for everything and everyone nowadays, including writers. In fact, there are some writing apps out there that are more than just useful, they’re a necessity.

The last thing you need is another app junking up your home screen so here are five guaranteed to help you get your writing done.

1. Pomodoro Timer. Pomodoro Timer is a great app for writers because it can help you focus on the writing tasks you need to complete and manage your time properly. There’s something satisfying in completing four 25 minute tasks in a row. Every time you complete a task, the timer gives you a break between restarting the timer. It will definitely help you boost your writing productivity. Pomodoro Timer is available for both Android and iOS FOR $1.99.

2. WordBook. WordBook is a killer dictionary and thesaurus app and what writer doesn’t need those tools handy at all times? WordBook also comes with a spell checker and a professionally recorded pronunciation for each entry. This app is available for Android and iOS for $2.99.

3. Lists for Writers. Lists for Writers is a great inspirational source for when you get stuck. Need some help developing a character, naming the protagonist, or spelling the name of an Indian village? Lists for Writers has your back. This app is available for both Android and iOS for $2.99.

4. Dragon Diction. Dragon Diction is a free app for writers who use Android or iOS. You need it. Why? Because it lets you take hands free notes and you never know when inspiration is going to strike. You can’t always get to a pencil and some paper or your laptop to jot down an idea. Plus, it’s free, so take advantage of it!

5. Spotify. Spotify? Yes! Music is a muse for writers so don’t even try and deny it. Spotify gives you access to millions of songs that you can use to build your own playlists by artist, genre, or mood. The right music can help you get in the right frame of mind when writing about a character, scene setting, and more. Spotify is free (ad supported) and available to both Android and iOS users.

We live in a world where all the tools we need to be something great – like a writer for example – are at our fingertips. Using apps to assist you with writing is a smart move.

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