Admit it, everybody, even you, is always wishing they could be a little more organized on one level or another. And if you say you’ve never made at least one New Year’s Resolution to be more organized, you’re a liar. But that’s okay! We’re going to share five great tips to help you become more organized… so keep reading.

Devote 15 minutes to organizing every day. You’ve got to start somewhere and if you’re not already accustomed to organization, 15 minutes a day spent organizing is a great to start a good habit. It really doesn’t matter where you start; sorting the mail, cleaning out the fridge, just try to make organizing a habit and it will have a positive impact in other areas of your life.

Develop a sorting system for your desk. Messy desks can result in procrastination and therefore a lack of progress. Making the effort to sort your papers into categories – such as To read, To do, and To file –make yourself a supplies drawer, and other little organizational tactics like that can improve your productivity because you’ll spend less time looking for a pen and more time actually completing your work.

Use a password organizer. Today, a lot of people’s jobs revolve around accessing some type of digital accounts on a regular basis; and keeping up with all the passwords you need for your digital accounts can be a real pain. Password organizers, like LastPass for example, store and organize all of your passwords for you, only requiring that you remember one master password. Keeping your passwords organized can also keep them safer and keep you from wasting time trying to remember your random security answer.

Use backup programs. Speaking of computers, using backup programs – like Carbonite – or backing up your files in the cloud is a great way to keep your whole digital life organized and safe. It also makes it easier to access your files when you need to instead of sifting through files for hours when you need to find something.

Keep a family calendar. It can be actual calendar or dry erase board you keep posted to the fridge or a Google calendar that you all sync to, whatever you choose, a family calendar can be a great tool for keeping everyone organized, ensuring everybody gets to all the right places at the right time, and making sure all the chores get done.