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On Bad Habits

A bad habit is a negative way to behave, developing very rapidly, however, taking more time to get rid of it. The time, needed to fight a bad habit, mostly depends on your willpower (unlike mental diseases). It is easier to prevent it in childhood, usually by stopping instantly. Anyway, there are plenty of techniques that may help you to remove an established bad habit.

11 Steps for Quitting a Bad Habit at Once

Bad habits can range from small and harmless to really dangerous for health. However, no matter how small or big the habit is, it is always terribly hard to break it. As a negative habit can last for a long period of time, it engraves into our lifestyle. Nevertheless, it is still possible to quit a bad habit. Here are 11 steps that will help you to start.

Starting a Bad Habit is Easier than You Think

A research has proved that rates among teenagers taking harmful habits from adults (such as smoking and drinking alcohol), have fallen considerably since 2002 thanks to propaganda of healthy lifestyle. However, there have appeared plenty of other negative habits, harmless at first sight (like, for example, addiction to electronic devices), that adults keep taking easily from their kids.

How to Stop Bad Habits at Workplace

Among bad habits you may find working ones. They are not harmful for your health; however they can be quite disturbing and unpleasant. One of them, described by the psychologist Leon Festinger in the 1950s, is cognitive dissonance – discomfort experienced by a person who holds simultaneously two or more contradictory ideas in his mind. The author shortly describes four tips to avoid this bad habit at your workplace.

11 Time-consuming Negative Work Habits that are Worth Quitting

Everybody in the business world feels lack of time once in a while. However, if it affects your work performance and results, that means, you certainly have one or even several time-consuming habits. It is crucial to find out which one exactly wastes your precious time and break it. Here are 11 most common and hard to quit negative time-management habits.

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