The fear of failure leaves us paralyzed. Scared to face challenges? We all get this but what about the fear of success? Now here is where things might seem counterintuitive. You might want to ask, “Why would someone fear something that has the potential of making them happy? Here are 5 reasons why you are afraid of success.

“It Will Change Me”

“If I attain that goal, I won’t be who I am. I know I’ll change and even lose my personality.” This is a wrong mentality and very often most people are afraid that they will have to cease being who they really are and start playing someone else’s roles. Underline this, read and remember it. It’s big.

You must understand that you will indeed change but this has nothing to do with some freaky change unless someone is asking you to become an evil, bloodthirsty monster. Just bear in mind that success requires change and change has both positive and negative consequences. You want you kids to be successful, then why not be the role model they look up to?

“I Don’t Deserve It”

Another reason why people fear failure is because they think they are not worth it. “I don’t deserve to be successful.” Most people who fear success also have a problem with their self-worth.

In most cases, people aren’t true to themselves and deception is the easiest form of deception there is! Several people who fear success hide the true reason behind several unimportant reasons, and the feeling that, “I’m not worth!” is hiding behind several closed doors. Understand that you have the potential to sustain progress as well as maintain accomplishments you have achieved in your life.

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“Success brings more responsibilities”

Success comes with some responsibilities. “The higher you get, the further there is to fall.” Once we become successful, there is always an accompanying pressure to continue to be successful or at the very least, maintain that level of success. Being successful establishes a fresh “normal” where expectations both self-imposed and from the outside are higher.

We become “high performers” who work consistently at that high level. Isn’t this really stressful? Mess-ups become bigger and clearer! People begin expecting the impossible from us! We become role models! All this is true! But the question to ask here is, “Isn’t that all you want?”

“It’s impossible!”

What on earth will you achieve if you don’t believe in impossibilities? As the palladium rule states, “If someone else has done is, so can I!” There is no way you should say anything is impossible before giving it your best shots time and again. The last time I read success wasn’t rocket science and never will be. Start believing in the reach of your potential to do the impossible by simply analyzing what you need to achieve the goal.

“The goal isn’t worth my effort.”

What if the goal does not pique my interest? Take a moment and ponder over the fact that you know so much about computers to get a great job. Now consider learning more in that area of interest to even expect to get a raise and probably a better position.

This might take about 3 years but you know that it’s possible to get there. You also know that after that period you’ll be making $200,000+ per year; you’ll have a nice condo and more good stuff. Get back to the drawing board, be positive and identify what you’ll find enjoyable and rewarding to help you steer clear of this fear.

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